Deborah has an extensive insight into the business sector with her career at senior management  levels, adult tutoring, technical writing of computer programmes, experience in human resources and speaking engagements. Her organisational abilities and efficient attitude to work is outstanding.  


She has the unique ability to see the big picture and bring it down to the nitty gritty.  Deborah takes great pride in a job well done and brings this to your business to help guide you and your staff create an in depth business process manual specifically for your business.  This manual enables your staff to have an easy reference on how any particular role in your organisation is carried out thus freeing your important time to do the job you are there to do rather than having to explain and coach any new member of staff or temporary employee. 




  • If you are unable to work then an acting manager can step in and use this manual as a guide. 

  • If you are looking at hiring new or temporary staff a Business Process Manual will save time with training.

  • If you sell your business then the new owner has a seamless process to take over the business without the need for you to stay on in your business for sometime as a consultant – you can take the money and go.



  • Deborah’s  experiences as a widow led her to create her booklet Where’s the Password?This was done to help bereavement be a little less stressful for the bereaved.  It is a guide of what important information you should record.  This book is full of information to assist you with recording this information.

  • Deborah does speaking engagements on both topics.  She has been speaking at various clubs about her experiences as a widow and why people should record information.  This has been very well received and resulted in many book sales.  Call Deborah on 021 997 462 or email her on deb_wilkinson@xtra.co.nz to book her to talk to your group