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"Deborah's work is fantastic. We had an out of date Business Process Manual and no one could find the time to update it. Deborah, in a very short time, has created new in-depth, up-to-date Business Process Manuals for our Organisation and its three associated organisations, that are easy to follow and fully comprehensive. The manuals fully cover every aspect of our business. We are very impressed."


— Michael Brooks 
Executive Director
Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand (PIANZ)

"I can highly recommend her, she is one of the best Assistants I have ever worked with. She is intuitive and uses initiative without continual instruction. She is able to assess situations and implement appropriate systems that are easy to follow. Along with intellect she applies common sense that is needed in a busy office environment. Her flexibility and adaptability are invaluable and give you the confidence to get on with your own role and leave her to get on with the job."

— Yvonne Clark
Registered Financial Adviser
Quantum Financial Advisers


"The book (Where’s the Password?) worked really well thanks - it helped us to stay on track and keep us focused on what was important to talk about. It's often not easy talking about what would happen when you pass away, so this helped us to keep it light, think about what was needed and work through it in half the time... So a great tool which helped to make it easy. Thanks - we actually enjoyed the process!!"


— Fiona Clark
Breakthrough Business Solutions

Book review:

Where's the Password?

In 1789 Benjamin Franklin wrote following the adoption of the American Constitution "….in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

Many try to ignore the inevitability of the former but a little booklet by Deborah Wilkinson-Gray points out that a little practical preparation can save your family a great deal of stress. Where's the Password? highlights the importance of having a Personal Information Log in which all those key things that no-one else knows are put together in one place. You know, that stuff about which lawyer has your will (haven't made one? - your family won't appreciate the added complications you cause by dying intestate!), where the money is (bank accounts, investments and possibly who you have loaned money to or borrowed from), and who holds your insurance policies.

Then there is the matter of Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) for property/finance and health. If you have a serious accident, go ‘gaga’, or for any reason you lose the ability to make decisions, who is going to do that for you? Get EPAs in place before it happens.

Deborah covers a lot more things as well. I thought I was reasonably well organised but Where's the Password? reminded me that there's a lot of stuff I hadn't thought about and that the password-protected personal information already on my laptop would be difficult to access unless someone else knows where to find it and how to open the file.

This is a very useful little book you can read at a sitting, but having read it, do something - get your Personal Information Log in place and tell a trusted person how to locate it!

Deborah writes out of the experience of losing her husband and the issues arising for her from this. Highly recommended - available through the Waiuku library, but you may have to reserve it as I think there is only one copy for the whole of Auckland City

Colin Hood
St Andrews Church


I have no hesitation in recommending Deborah.. We had the pleasure of working together at NorthTec. Idea creation, managed implementation and celebrating achievement epitomised our industrious space. Deborah is multi-talented and comes with life experience to underpin that leading to my confidence that she will be the right person for the job.


Jane Scripps
Adult Community Education


Morena Deb


Thank you for attending our Rotorua West Club meeting last night and presenting your very important but entertaining talk on "Where's the Password?".  It was a pleasure to host your at our club meeting.

Your presentation was very well received and provided many moments of humour on what can be a scary subject we put aside for another day - getting our house in order! It certainly left members talking afterwards on what they should be doing.


Please accept my thanks and appreciation..

Nga mihi nui

Raewyn Bourne

President Rotary West Club


19 June 2020

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