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Teenage Students Raising Hands


  • How much will it cost to have you teach my staff to create an in depth Business Process Manual for my business?
    This is entirely dependent upon the size of your business. Book a meeting with me and we can discuss what needs to be done and I will put together a proposal for you.
  • What is covered in the one-off, free consultation?"
    We will discuss your business, why you started the business, what the business is, how many staff you have and a brief overview of how you run your business. I will buy the coffee.
  • Will you provide a quote for the work to be done?
    I will send you a proposal for the work to be done as discussed with you. It will include my Terms of Engagement and a Confidentiality Agreement so that we both know neither will tell others how we do our work.
  • How will you charge me?
    Invoices are sent fortnightly when working on a project and payment is seven business days from date of invoice. If it is a large project, an upfront payment of 20% of the estimate will be requested prior to the work commencing. This is to show your intention to commit to the project.
  • What if I cannot afford to have you do the work for me, but I know I need to have a Business Process Manual?"
    You can purchase my book Back up Your Business on line on my website at . This is an in-depth guide on creating business operations manuals.
  • Once my manual is completed, will you check in with me to see how it is working?"
    I will check in with you on a six monthly or yearly basis - your choice - to ensure your manual is still up to date. Any changes that need to be made will be done at your request. The cost for this follow up and any changes will be negotiated between us.
  • I have heard that you have a booklet for sale about recording your personal information and digital estate planning. How can I buy this?
    This booklet is called Where’s the Password? You can buy it on-line at . You can buy a hard copy or pdf copy.
  • Do you give talks about your books?
    Yes I enjoy giving these talks. Call 021 997462 to discuss which book you wish me to talk about and to book a date. Back up Your Business is about creating business operations manuals and Where’s the Password? looks at digital estate planning and putting affairs in order. I like to sell my books after the talk has finished.
  • Do you set up computer systems for my business?
    No, but I can recommend people for this for you.
  • Do you do virtual assistant work?
    No, but I can recommend people to set this up this for you.
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