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What You Should Record

What are important things to record other than your Will and Banking?

  • Who are your Healthcare providers

  • Your insurances – who owns the policy of your life insurance cover

  • Tax IRD Number and where to find your files re taxes

  • Who to contact when you are very ill or pass away if you work for pay or voluntarily, for a club, a committee, a board etc.

  • Who needs to be contacted if you are very ill or have passed away

  • Passport number and driver licence number as they need to be cancelled

  • Throw out anything that is not useful, beautiful or joyous don’t leave it to those left behind.

  • Write on the back of photos who the people are and when the photo was taken (an estimate is fine) and why they were gathered – your great grandchildren will want to know.

  • Have a discussion with your family about whether you wish to be an organ donor

  • Plan your own funeral and write down what you want – go ahead write your own eulogy!

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